Aroma Genie Aquarius White


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A pleasant scent keeps the essence of plants and flowers awake! At 2.5 million ultrasound vibrations per second, this aromatic machine releases the refreshing essential oil into the air.

The artistic form takes root in the purity, thoughtfulness, and perception of the philosophy of life. With the integration of its curved shape and ease of use, this aromatic electronic product brings the simplest enjoyment into our busy lives!

Four functions of humidifier, purifier, ionizer and night lamp in one, producing a hydro-oxygen SPA and enhancing the effect of aromatherapy by breaking up water and essential oil into fine mist of millions of micro-particles.
Driven by ultrasonic vibrations at a frequency of 2.5 million times per second differentiates it from traditional aroma diffusers operated by heating, also generate a high volume of negative ions into the air at the same time.

Two operation modes:
a. Green Mode continuous operating mode: each cycle lasts for about 2 hours with one-time water filling.
b. Orange Mode 30s on/30s off mode: each cycle lasts for about 5 hours with one-time water filling.

Built-in water level sensor avoid operation with insufficient or no water.
The calming LED atmosphere light works as a wonderful night lamp.

It can be used in companies, conference rooms, hotels, houses and apartments (drawing rooms, bedrooms, baby’s rooms), beauty parlors, and other private or public circumstance (especially air-condition and unventilated room)

-AROMA GENIE-Ultrasonic Steamer for Essential Oil
-Dimensions: 130 x 130 x 310 mm
-Materials: PCABS, PET