Testimonials about “Above the Sound of Gravity”


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Enter a world between heaven and earth and experience a delicate tapestry of tranquil melodies and soundscapes. The enchanting blend of flute and vibraharp transports you into a deep healing and meditative state. Ideal music for massage, reiki, shiatsu, acupuncture and yoga.

“The music flows gently and deeply through the body, spiraling beautifully with healing waves.”
~ Mary James, The Omega Centre, Toronto

“This hour long CD is the perfect compliment to any yoga class.”
~ Cynthia Funk , Co-Director, The Yoga Sanctuary, Toronto

“Ideal spa music for relaxation and rejuvenation.”
~ Nouvelle Maria SPA, King Edward Hotel, Toronto

“Hearing Laura’s music moved me to my soul’s depth.”
“Her music is the only music that has got me to feel the music.”
~ Erin Davis, Massage Therapist, Toronto

“Listen and make a dimensional shift…be prepared to move in and out of reality…”
~ Mary-Anne Sutton, Eternal Moment Bookstore, Toronto

 Quotes from Spa Canada-Spa Management Canada Serving the Esthetics, Fitness and Spa Industry

“After hearing one of Laura’s CD’s, I was struck by the sense of calm and wonderment it conveyed. Music is the most important art in our lives and Laura Nashman, with her fellow musicians, does us a tremendous favour in enabling us to experience her heartfelt music. Her music puts us into a better balance, both spiritually and physically. It resonates in one’s soul. Because our bodies respond physically to soothing music by lowering our stress hormones, we would do well to make Laura’s music a part of our daily lives, to promote better health for ourselves and those that we cherish.”
~ Donald W. Miller, Jr. M.D. Professor of Surgery, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington

“I listen to “Above the Sound of Gravity” every night in bed when I turn out the lights. The meditative and tranquil tonalities of the music sedates my often over-stressed nervous system. Every night, this CD allows me to fall imperceptibly into a deep state of somnolence.”
~ Matthew W. Fraser, Editor-in-Chief, National Post

“If you have ever imagined yourself wandering inside a cloud, it might sound like this. Sounds seem to rise and flow without any radical transitions making it well-suited for meditation, bodywork or therapy sessions.”
~ D.L. music reviewer (re: Above the Sound of Gravity)

“By far, the most soothing spa music we’ve found, Spa-la-la’s® CD’s have significantly added a relaxation sound component to the Elmwood Spa experience.”
~ Dan Oberlander, President, The Elmwood Complex, Toronto, Canada

“Music has the ability to heal and to connect us with the divine. Laura’s music has the ability to transform energy and create a healing sanctuary for the spa facility or the home spa. Spa-la-la’s® “Passionata” CD is part of my daily ritual and the soothing sounds of “Lullababy” is the perfect gift for new mothers. I highly recommend the music of Laura Nashman for all who seek to create the space for sacred healing.”
~ Jolene Anderson, President/CEO, Inner Oasis Spas Ltd. www.inneroasisspas.com “The Bridge to a Healthier tomorrow.”

“Canadians Laura Nashman and Michael Moon’s transcendent, “Above the Sound of Gravity” is aptly named. It’s soothing, gentle river of sound, with slight swells and dips, presents a perfect background for massage and meditation.”
~ American Massage Therapy Journal

“We support Spa-la-la’s® fine quality of music due to the amazing response we have had to it, with our reception staff, massage therapists and clients alike. Spa-la-la CD’s are unique and stand out from the most CD’s, adding very peaceful ambiance to our spa.”
~ Susan Rondeau, Spa Director, Langdon Hall Spa-Cambridge, Ont. Canada

“Above the Sound of Gravity Gets Two Thumbs Up”-the therapeutic potential of this CD lies in its absence of structured sounds and rhythms.
~ Liz and Ted Byrne, Massage Therapy Canada

“Spa-la-la’s music will quiet your mind, relax your body and elevate your spirit.”
~ Michael J. Gelb, author, “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci”

“Spa-la-la’s® beautiful music definitely contributes to our goal of creating exceptional experiences for our clients by engaging all of the senses.”
~ Liz Belford, owner, Rosewater Spa of Oakville, Oakville, Canada

“Music is so important in creating mood, enhancing relaxation, and creating a healing environment. Having discovered Spa-la-la’s® website, I have found a great selection for my spa. These are not your everyday music store selections-they are unique CD’s that are quality music and full of healing spirit.”
~ Jerry Lerner, M.D., Selfcares, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This spa is a synthesis of Dr. Lerner’s various training and experiences in medicine, (rehab and pain management) music (therapy and composition) as well as wellness and wholistic strategies.

 *The following quotes were not in the SpaCanada Cover story article:

“I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you to tell you how much we enjoy your CD, “Above the Sound of Gravity”. We have been playing it in our spa for a few months and it has quickly become one of our favourites. The rich tones and soothing melodies create a truly relaxing mood for our guests who are guided by the music to a serene escape where they can let go of stress and refresh their minds, bodies and spirits. Thank you for your beautiful music.”
~ Lisa Vehrs, Spa Director, The Spa at Eganridge

“Laura Nashman’s fine flute playing soars with inspiration and universal appeal. This is ideal music for relaxation, yoga, massage or bodywork. Her beautifully selected songs and authentic instrumentation take the listener on a journey into melodies of peace and joyous tranquility. As a wholistic therapist and relaxation consultant, I use Laura’s music to complement the healing modalities and to integrate body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend Laura’s CD’s for alternative health practitioners, for spas and for anyone who wants to soothe the soul and relax with a beautiful collection of music.
~ Nan Keyser M.Ed, Wholistic Psychotherapist Movement, Relaxation, Yoga Instructor and Body-mind consultant